Tonight.  (at Pub Webb)
Tonight.  (at Pub Webb)

Tonight. (at Pub Webb)

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Nina Simone: Strange Fruit


Billie Holiday-Strange fruit- HD


Marlon Brando interview after 1973’s oscar.


Marlon Brando’s Oscar® win for ” The Godfather”

when pop stars used their celebrity for good.





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S.T.S. takes us on a journey back to the heart and soul of hip hop in Philadelphia “Before they threw the ROC up …….. and shot the block up” with his release of How Philly Use to Sound produced by Steve McKie and Corey Bernhard. This soulful throw back features the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff and his timeless scratches along with the next generation of local superstars Dayne Jordan & Son Little ….. This song’s journey back will remind you why you fell in love with hip hop to begin with and leave you wanting to hear more of his newest project, WHITEGOLD scheduled for release in September.

Steve Mckie - Drums
Aaron Draper - Percussion
Corey Bernhard - Piano & Strings
Andre Pinckney - Bass
Anthony DeCarlo - Guitar
@DJJazzyJeff - Cuts
Son Little - Vocals

Mixed & Recorded By Steve MckieBeats @ StudioPine Philadelphia,Pa

at Up North Philly
at Up North Philly

at Up North Philly

Alice Smith - Be Easy


Misty Copeland Defies Physics In A Stunning Dance Performance


KING-The Story


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Mixed by: Sean “Goldenchild” Meagan & EssVee

1.Neighborhood (prod. ethereal)
2.RealEyes (madlib)
4.Respect94 (prod. Viktor Stone)
5.Soulhop (prod. Yesterdays New Quintet)
6.TOGETHERNESS ( Knxwledge)
7.Restwell (prod. Like)
8.her. (prod.madlib)
9.Homie.Lover.Friend (prod.THC)
10.Compromise (prod.Iman Omari)
11.tangerine[demo] (prod. Dj Harrison)
12.BuckleUp (prod. Andrew Cha)
13.JoyTears (prod. Brrd)
14.Fallen (prod.MeLo-X)
15.DYV ( prod.Ntu)
16. SoulRich (prod.Iman Omari)
17.Dodging.Dark.Clouds (prod. LabOx)
18.Letter2Los(prod. Taylor McFerrin)

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Gil Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised